Maxim Group is a Karachi based group of companies

Mr. Tanvir Ahmed
Chairman & CEO Maxim Group

Mr. Tanvir Ahmed, Chairman & CEO Maxim Group, started his career as an advertising practitioner and soon became Chief Executive of his own agency, Maxim Advertising Co. (Pvt.) Ltd., which is the flagship company of the Group. Mr. Tanvir Ahmed is a person endowed with a number of distinct and diverse qualities, including business acumen, negotiation skills and bold decision-making. His style of leadership is marked by a progressive outlook for the business, foreseeing new and emerging opportunities, recognizing and nurturing talent and, above all, exceptional caring of those who work with him. The role and contribution of his leadership is amply reflected in the phenomenal growth attained by Maxim Group over the years as well as in the great business diversification achieved in the areas of advertising, real estate marketing, property development, housing and construction, and PR through the component entities of the Group.


Executive Director Maxim Group

Mr. Bilal Tanveer, Executive Director Maxim Group, assumed this position in 2010 after doing his B.Sc. Hon. from Middlesex University, England. Being young and energetic, he has an unyielding desire to achieve a high standard of work in everything that he does. He is an extremely confident, focused and organized individual who has the ability to prioritize workloads to meet deadlines and achieve objectives.

In his current role which is practically that of a chief operating officer he has gained a reputation for improving operational efficiency and maximizing growth by ensuring that everyone within his team knows how important their role is to the group’s overall success in each area of its business. What is more, he is someone flexible in his opinions and open to changing things at short notice.

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